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International Society of Impact Engineering
The IBS is delighted to hear about the formation of the International Society of Impact Engineering (ISIE). Professor Marcilio Alves, of the University of Sao Paulo, is the Founding President of the ISIE. The IBS congratulates him and the ISIE on the formation of their society and wish them every success for the future.

Further details on the ISIE are below.

Published: 08/12/16

Ken Kuo
The Society is sad to report the passing of one of our eminent members, Professor Ken Kuo, on July 31st 2016. Ken will be remembered as an outstanding ballistician and was made a Ballistic Science Fellow in 2014. Ken collaborated with colleagues around the world and advised and mentored more than 140 graduate students. He was passionate about the need to promote the success of young scientists and engineers in the areas of combustion and propulsion. He will be greatly missed.
Published: 08/09/16

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