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Beyond the Bullet
Source: Los Angeles Times, By Melissa Healy, January 24, 2011
Captured by X-ray and CT scan, the human brain is pierced by a bullet, nail, pool cue or chunk of razor-sharp debris. Such havoc, you would think, would put an abrupt end to the brain's rhythmic buzz of activity... But the human brain can be resilient, capable of withstanding brutish damage...
Published: 01/25/11

The world's most powerful supergun
Source: New Scientist TV, 14 Dec 2010, Catherine de Lange
A gun the size of a bus has set a new world record, and fired its payload so fast it broke the speed of sound seven times over...
Published: 01/10/11

Ballistic Forensics for Lawyers
Source: The Florida Law Journal, 13 Dec 2010, by Mark Seiden
...We are all conditioned to the world of forensic ballistics on television, where a medical examiner walks up to a body, quickly eyeballs it and says, �He was shot with a Webly-Fosberry Automatic Revolver, caliber .38.� This is pure fantasy...

Published: 01/10/11

Outdoor gun ranges under fire for safety
Source: USA Today, 12/16/2010, By Kirsti Marohn, USA TODAY
...Louise Neeser was doing yard work outside her home here last May when something struck her... Outdoor shooting ranges across the nation face opposition because of concerns about safety, noise and the environmental effects of lead contamination.

Published: 01/10/11

New body armor more comfortable
Improved tactical vest, plate carrier coming in 2011
Source: Marine Corps Times, Jan 10, 2011, By Dan Lamothe
As early as spring, Marines will be dawning the next generation of improved body armor designed to be more comfortable and adjustable than current models.
Published: 01/10/11

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