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New President, Board Election Result & Paper Awards given at 33rd ISB
The IBS is pleased to announce that James Walker continues as the President of the IBS for his second term.
Frederik Coghe is the new Secretary of the IBS.

The IBS is also pleased to announce the results of the Board Election. In alphabetical order, the following were elected or re-elected to the Board: Frederik Coghe and Baoming Li. They will all serve up to 3 terms.
Thanks to everybody who voted and sympathies with the unsuccessful candidates.

For the paper and poster award winners at the 33rd ISB then please select the appropriate award under the Awards category above.

The 34th ISB will be taking place in Jacksonville, Florida, during 18-23 May, 2025.

The Jack Riegel Student Awards winners are shown below.

Georgios Kechagiadakis receiving the SABO Award for best poster


Published: 10/24/23

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