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New President, Board Election Result & Paper Awards given at 32nd ISB
The IBS is pleased to announce that James Walker is the new President of the IBS. He was chosen to be President at the 32nd International Symposium on Ballistics (ISB).

The IBS is also pleased to announce the results of the Board Election. In alphabetical order, the following were elected or re-elected to the Board: Pengwan Chen, James Walker and Clive Woodley. They will all serve up to 3 terms.
Thanks to everybody who voted and sympathies with the unsuccessful candidates.
For the paper and poster award winners at the 32nd ISB then please select the appropriate award under the Awards category above.
The IBS is also pleased to announce the promotion of Dennis Baum to Ballistics Science Fellow at the 32nd ISB.

Published: 05/18/22

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