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32nd International Symposium on Ballistics
5/13/2022 - 5/14/2022
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This will take place in Reno, USA. It covers the following technical areas:
  • Interior Ballistics
  • Exterior Ballistics
  • Launch Dynamics
  • Vulnerability and Survivability
  • Terminal Ballistics
  • Explosion Mechanics
  • Emerging Technologies (this area includes directed energy, hypersonics, and other new technologies related to ballistics)

If you intend to attend the 32nd ISB and need to obtain a visa then please request an invitation letter immediately.

It is important to apply for a visa now because they may take several weeks to process. You should check the requirements to enter the USA from your government sources.
Information can also be found at the link below (including details on COVID-19 travel requirements).
US visa information

Requests for letters of invitation should be sent to
Rebecca Campbell

Please provide your full name and organization address in your request.

Registration is now open - please read the information below carefully.

The website for the 32nd ISB is here.
The link for hotel bookings is here. Cut-off date for the room block booking has been extended to 20 April 2022 - please reserve your room NOW, before they are taken back.

Registration costs US$1345 if you will be a member of the IBS at the start of the 32nd ISB. Otherwise the cost will be US$1445. These costs increase by $180 on 2nd February 2022 ($1525 for members and $1625 for non-members). After 16 March 2022, the costs will be $1625 for members and $1725 for non-members.
Please read carefully the instructions for registration below.

Registration is a two-step process - the first step is near the bottom of this page.

If you are an existing IBS member then:
  • Click the registration link near the bottom of the page. You will then need to input your IBS email address and membership number - if you do not know either of these then please contact the Membership Committee at
  • If your membership plan needs renewing before the start of the 32nd ISB then you will need to renew your membership for another term using the link provided (renewal will mean your membership will not expire until the start of the 33rd ISB in September 2023).
  • You will then get a link which will take you to the ASMI page for registration for the 32nd ISB.
  • Complete the form and select the registration options you want.
If you are not an existing IBS member then:
  • You should join the IBS using the link "Join" at the top of the page - please note that it will be cheaper to become a member of the IBS and pay the IBS registration rate than to register as a non-member. Having joined the IBS, logged in and got your IBS membership number, please follow the instructions "If you are an existing IBS member" above.
  • If you decide not to join the IBS then click the registration link near the bottom of this page. You will then need to input your name and email address.
  • You will then get a link which will take you to the ASMI page for registration for the 32nd ISB.
  • Having done this you can complete the form and select the registration options you want
Online registration is now open at the link below:
32nd ISB registration

If you experience any problems registering then please contact  Clive Woodley.

Paper uploads for Proceedings
Guidelines for the format, including a template, were provided in the abstract acceptance email.
Please prepare your paper based on the paper guidelines and upload your contribution together with the form to release your copyright to the International Ballistics Society at by 30 January 2022. You will need the proposal ID number provided above to successfully upload your paper! The link below must be used to upload your paper and copyright release form
Upload link
If you encounter any problems uploading your paper then please contact Clive Woodley.

The Peppermill Resort & Spa
Reno, Ne

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